Skai is intended to help travelers with hidden disabilities have a more enjoyable and less stressful flying experience. Skai achieves this by helping the user navigate through the airport physically, as well as, going through the process of security checks up until take-off and upon landing.

Meet Jacob!

User Journey Map


Security Employees

Number of Interviews: 2
Age: 20-30

" Travelers with a hidden disability often are met with skepticism over their needs from other travelers and staff alike. "

Individual with Disabilities

Number of Interviews: 1
Age: 27

" I look okay on the outside but nobody knows what I go through on the daily. Traveling adds an additional stress and anxiety to whole experience. "


Number of Interviews: 3
Age: 20-30

" I am a fairy frequently travelers and I often get lost and confused on where to go and what to do next within the security process. "



Not being able to speak is not the
same as having nothing to say.


Even for travelers that don’t have a hidden
disability the process is stressful and unclear.


Airports are confusing especially if
you have communication barriers.


Skai's dashboard features your current flights allowing you to check-in through the app when check-in opens. As well as easy navigation to the other features that Skai offers to users. Whether it be their wallet, access to maps of the airport, translate, and of course help at any point in the users journey.


The translation feature of Skai is very simple to use and very intuitive. The user must first speak or type what he/she wants to translate select the language and that is it. There is a sticky help button for which the user may press to alert "services for passengers" that he needs help.


Skai's wallet feature combines important documents needed for travels and credit cards, similar to apple pay. The user may upload a PDF of his Itinerary, vaccination records, and entry forms tangent to countries requirements. In addition the wallet feature also automatically stores the users boarding pass. The wallet feature keeps all the users important documents in one central location making for a more simple and seamless user experience.


Skai's navigation feature is VR inspired to make it much more intuitive to the user. It shows a purple stripe with arrows pointing the user in the correct direction leaving little room for guessing and errors. In addition to the purple stripe, this feature has written instructions at the top, as well as, the option for assistance from the airport staff and access to your boarding pass.


Skai is with the user throughout the whole experience up until landing. Skai tracks the users journey in the background so that the user may use their phone for other activities without worrying if Skai will know where they are in the process when they land. Upon landing sky will pop-up with a short and sweet little animation to get the user excited and prepare them for the following steps in the journey.

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