Bizzy is a desktop application platform that is intended to help individuals that are new to the experience of finding their first professional position. Bizzy helps them make the job hunting experience more centralized, friendly, motivational, and a more seamless experience. It can be discouraging process and also a very exciting one, assuming those first time job seekers remain on top of it. That's where Bizzy comes in, to help them stay on top of finding a job all while guiding them through the process with its notifications, filtering options, resume reviewing feature, and helpful tips based on your activity on the app to help you stay on top of the job search process and ensure you get your dream job!

Meet Jack!

User Journey


Jack is preparing himself for the first step of finding a job by composing his resume, building his portfolio, making a LinkedIn account, as well as other accounts on several other job searching platforms.

Search for jobs

Here he has finished building his resume, portfolio, and signing up/making an account on all the job searching platforms he could think of. Now that he is ready to apply he is unsure of what to look for...what position does he need/require as a new designer in the field?

Apply for jobs

After taking some time to figure out what position he is looking for he found a few on several platforms and he immediately starts to apply by sending his resume and portfolio to each place.

Make note of where I applied

He makes a note of where he applied and from which website, so he doesn't lose track of where it is. He writes down details such as, the company name, position, date, a brief description. Followed by updates such as if the position is still relevant or if he heard back from them.

Check responses and follow-ups

Unfortunately, due to Jacks very manual input methods of job updates and a record of his applications. He sometimes forgets to one of them and later finds that they sent him a reply requesting and interview and it went to spam. Or he realizes too much time has gone by and he missed his opportunity to send a follow up message to the company.


To those jobs that Jack does receive via email or phone call he goes out on interviews. As exciting as it is, Jack is new to the experience and sometimes his nerves get the best of him.

Take-home assignments

He manages to pull through the first round of interviews and is quite pleased with himself but now comes the real challenge. He receives the take-home assignment that he has heard about from designers within the field and even watched a few videos on LinkedIn about them.

Final interview phase

Jack completes the take-home assignment and is invited to present to the design team. He is really nervous because he worked hours on this take-home assignment and this is the final moment of truth. If it goes well he gets the job! if it doesn't he is back to square one finessing his portfolio and resume and searching all over again.

Goals of Bizzy


Friendly &


Task Flow

Success Metrics


1) Interact with follow-up feature.

2) Upload resume for review.

3) Apply to jobs.

4) Login from daily active users


1) Increase daily active users by 10%.

Increase engagement by 30%.

References Web/Personal

What do they all have in common?

What they all have in common is they do 1-2 things really well. All of them play a huge role in the process to finding a job. However, they do not operate as a centralized system.

Analyzing Research

Sifting through both the primary and secondary research I have conducted and determining what features to incorporate into the product to help solve core user pain points and which features would enhance the experience and be nice to have if time and budget allows.


My wireframe process is to look at the features I prioritized as "must haves" and then "nice to haves" and sketch how they should look for the screens. I prioritize these features based on the analysis from the research findings I had conducted both secondary and primary.


The dashboard has all the essential features that Jack will need in order to stay on top of the job hunting process. It features a to do list, Job status where he can see if a follow-up message is needed or if there is an expected interview coming up. As well as tips based on his activities within the app to help him improve his job search skills.

Explore Jobs

With the explore jobs feature Jack can search for jobs easily. Bizzy will filter jobs based on LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and other platforms with what is relevant and meets Jacks criteria. Bizzy uses the users resume as a base and finds keywords within it to help guide the user into what might be suitable for them. The user may also use filters in addition to this to better suit there desires and or needs.

Apply To Jobs

With Bizzy you can apply directly through the application to the desired jobs. Before any application you have the opportunity to have one of the resume review bots review your resume. They will give a few tips or catch spelling mistakes so that you stand a better chance of being seen and selected in front of recruiters.

Resume Review

Once you have selected you resume to be reviewed by one of Bizzy's bots they will process it and highlight anything that stands out or should be enhanced so that your chances of being seen and selected are higher.

Track Job Status

To ensure you never miss another opportunity Bizzy features a job status tracker. Here you will find all the jobs that you applied to, with a brief description of the position and company. In addition to the details of the application. It will also recommend if a follow-up message is in need.


Bizzy also offers a calendar so you can keep track of important events related to work and or your personal life. You may also sync your google calendar with Bizzy.

Sent Notification

Bizzy is not only an application for job searching and stops there. It is with you throughout the whole experience and will motivate you throughout the process celebrating the big wins!

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